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Our Massage Therapy Services

Thai Massage Therapy is pleased to provide a vast selection of massage therapy to our clients. From Thai massages and Swedish massages to steam and herbal sauna treatments, our business has something for you. Ask us about our gift certificates.


Thai Massages

 New to the states, our Thai massages are more helpful because they promote blood circulation throughout the body. This massage works into the body's deep tissue and is used for people who have problems with shoulders, lower back pain, and foot aches. Our Thai massages cost $65 for 1 hour. We also provide 2-hour sessions.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Swedish Massages

 Our Swedish massages help to provide relaxation from daily stress by relieving tension throughout the body. Our Swedish massages cost $80 for 1 hour, and like the Thai massages, they are also available in 2-hour sessions.

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Steam and Herbal Sauna Treatments

Our steam sauna treatments are used to help people detox their bodies by letting antitoxins escape from the pores. We are also starting to incorporate herbal steam saunas. During these massages, herbs are cooked in a pot, and the steam of the cooking herbs steams into the body. This procedure is usually performed after a massage and comes as an extra charge to the massage.

Our Customer Testimonial:

"My wife was healed by one of our workers with the Thai massage and the steam sauna. She had a backache between the spine and the shoulder blade that caused a lot of pain, and she heard there was this lady in California that did Thai massages and could help her. So we flew her in from California for 2 weeks, and she massaged my wife every day for 2 weeks, and now, my wife has no more pain. While she was working in California, many of her clients called her and requested for her to give them a call, so that she could come over and work on whatever [pains] that they may have. She has a steady clientele of customers in California."

Visit our massage therapy business in Houston, Texas, for Thai massages and Swedish massages.